Process / Requirements

Even though I enjoy writing about many bands, please respect that it gets stressful dealing with time management. If you have found me on social media and have requested a review; I am flattered that you read my blog, are a fan, and want me to review your music. Here are some things to consider:

  • I don’t review bands outside of Wichita. I would consider reviewing a band from out of town/state if they played in Wichita frequently enough.
  • I don’t do reviews over single songs. I prefer albums. (EP or LP)
  • I prefer BandCamp. It is nice to read a review, then have a link to where to buy the music. If you read the ABOUT, then you would know that there is an audience who cannot go to shows, having an online store is very helpful. I will direct traffic to whatever site you want. But BandCamp is usually easiest for online downloads/streaming. Otherwise, you are making it harder for the reader, making them look it up themselves.
  • If I’m working for free, I’m not going to care about deadlines. I will finish when I finish. All submissions will be considered; but I may not get to them for several months. Thank you for your understanding.
  • If your music was submitted, but not reviewed, do not feel bad. If I can’t say something nice, I won’t say anything at all. That is not to say your music is bad; however, it did not spark enough for me to write a blog lengthy enough worthy of a review. Thank you for your consideration.


Just to be clear about my priorities:

  1. My job is my paycheck (9-6pm, mon-fri)
  2. Family + friends
  3. My Band
  4. Adult House chores (i.e: cooking, cleaning, laundry, grocery shopping)
  5. social events (i.e: final friday, local band shows)
  6. this blog