TL;DR: this is my life story and history of music experience in Wichita.

My name is Ben Chambers. I started learning playing alto sax in 4th grade, participated in concert band, pep band, and marching band all 4 years of high school. (never was good enough to participate in jazz band)

I started learning on acoustic guitar when I was 15. I took lessons at Damm Music Center and got my first electric guitar when I was 16. I started playing bass guitar when I was 18 and participated in the worship band at World Harvest Worship Center. That is where most of my early experience with playing in a contemporary band came from. The worship leader did what we called “playing in the spirit”. That is where he would change the set list without a moments notice and started playing a different song. Sometimes it wasn’t even a song. But it helped me learn keys and listen for chord changes while paying attention to the drummer, and, well… working as a team.

My first local band was Bellafonte. Playing with band was fun and eye opening for me because it introduced me to the local music scene and got me out of my shell and involved. I was a student at WSU at the time so I had difficulty delegating time and eventually ended up leaving that band.

Later, some of my friends (and friends of friends) who lived in Colwich, started Becoming Atlas. Becoming Atlas was an important experience for me, as I learned more about Bar venues instead of all ages venues and house venues. I also learned about professionalism in using Facebook and contacting venues and other bands to set up shows. This helped me extend my network. I also learned about cliques within the scene, the hard way. I learned how to advertise and promote, and the proper vehicles to do it. I worked at Third Planet in the West Mall at the time, so I talked about my band a lot, to just about everybody. Working in the mall is where I learned to support local businesses. I saw first hand, how hard it is to be competitive with a corporate business. I learned to run Becoming Atlas more as a business rather just for fun.

While playing with Becoming Atlas, I also played with Hillside Christian Church. It is noteworthy as It was the first time I had received a paycheck as a paid musician. There was a higher expectation of professionalism that was necessary to achieve.

A hookah bar I frequently go to, was having a lot of open mic nights and had their own P.A. I have dabbled with organizing and setting up shows, and flyer creation/distribution, as well as facebook event page set up.


Useless stats

I have recorded professionally with:

  • Green Jeans Studios (Wellington) (Becoming Atlas)
  • Smoke Signal Productions (Goddard) (Becoming Atlas, Faith In Fools)
  • Red Cat Recording (Peck) (Sky Village)
  • Forge Productions (Maize) (Fifth Fire)
  • Naughty Dog Studio (Wichita) (NGNK)

I have only played out of town 3 times, unfortunately.

  • Lawrence, Ks with Bellafonte
  • Arlington, Tx with Becoming Atlas
  • Wellington, Ks with Fifth Fire

With Bellafonte we played:

  • house shows
  • art galleries for final friday
  • Donut Whole (all ages)
  • Mead’s Corner (all ages)
  • Kirby’s
  • Rock Island Live

Becoming Atlas played:

  • Donut Whole
  • Kirby’s
  • Hookah Bar (Bean Scene 2)
  • Lizard’s Lounge
  • Rock Island Live
  • Barleycorn’s

Faith In Fools played:

  • Kirby’s
  • Hookah bar (Mediterranean Hookah Café)
  • Lizard’s Lounge
  • Donut Whole

Fifth Fire:

  • Elbow Room
  • Steel Bar
  • Kirby’s
  • Barleycorn’s

Sky Village:

  • Kirby’s
  • Steel Bar


donut whole


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