Zero 2 Panic: Far From Perfect

Band: Zero 2 Panic
Album: Far From Perfect (April 2019)
Genre: Alt Rock / Ska Punk / Hard Rock
City: Pittsburg, Ks
Standout tracks: Watch Me Walk Away, Tease Me
Seen Live: no

Zero 2 Panic, although from Pittsburg, Ks, have been known to play in Wichita from time to time. They recorded their latest album Far From Perfect at Red Cat Recording in Peck, Ks, located just south of Wichita. Red Cat Recording, is ran by Luke Wallace, who also produced their previous album, Running On Fumes in 2017. (check out my previous album review here)

Watch Me Walk Away

This track has an interesting bass intro. There seems to be some sort of effect on the bass that makes it seem very prominent and aggressive. At [2:05] the sax comes in with an un-apologetically raunchy solo. The back-up vocals add to the climax as this song ends.

Tease Me

This surprisingly funky track grabs your attention immediately and keeps it with the the funky bass lines and smooth clean guitar chords throughout the verse. There is a nice layer of delay and reverb on the horn section when they chime in and out. The entire track is phenomenal. [2:30] is where the guitar solo comes in with heavy distortion and some tasteful wah. Pure perfection. It’s somewhat reminiscent on a Red Hot Chili Peppers song.

“Shoot To Kill” is more of a traditional ska track that’s very well composed. “Superman” ends the EP on a more soft and somber note. The acoustic guitar adds a level of sincerity. With the gentle vocals accompanying the clean guitar chords building into the drums and adding the horns, the song builds into a ballad that is truly heartfelt. The vocals would come across a little too raspy and harsh, but that is easy to overlook as the whole song comes across very honest and genuine. It’s a very modest way of ending the EP.

My criticisms:
The harsher vocal style works well when the whole band is going all out, but is a bit out of place on softer areas. There are also areas where the singer seems to be forcing words with longer syllable counts that throw off the groove and melody of the song. (i.e. chorus of “Lowlife”) There are also various areas of the EP where the bass sounds really thin and stringy when it might be better to sound more fat and full

Overall, Far From Perfect may be far from perfect, but it’s damn good. With all the ska bands rising and with the new albums from 3rd wave ska bands being released, its only a matter of time before Zero 2 Panic will find their big break.

Make sure to follow their social media pages provided in the links below to stay up to date on the bands show schedule. GO SEE THEM LIVE! Or stream the EP online wherever you like to listen to music.


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