In;Retrospect: A Different Animal

Band: In;Retrospect
Album: A Different Animal (Oct 2018)
Genre: Alt Rock / Hard Rock
City: Wichita, Ks
Standout tracks: Constellations, Phoenix, Reign Dead
Seen Live: Yes

A little back story. I’ve known the guys in In;Retrospect for awhile. I first met them at a massive group show in Haysville when I was in a Nu-Metal band called Becoming Atlas. They had a different name then ( I don’t remember their name unfortunately). Stephen Bridges played guitar and sang at the time. Then when Becoming Atlas broke up, I started another band called Faith In Fools. At that time their band name was Fates Resurgence. Then while I was playing with Fifth Fire and Sky Village, their name was Plutonic Dropkick. We bonded over mutual hatred for the lead singer of Fifth Fire, Mark Ryan. Now I am with NGNK, and their name is In;Retrospect. We are kindred spirits of sorts. They have progressed at similar times when I was also maturing as a musician through our musical projects. Unknown to them, I often cite them as inspiration to push my band to get our set ready. Restarting over from scratch can bring you down. But each time we have persevered together. Each time we evolve into something a little different.

In;Retrospect is the result of constantly finding the courage to continue when it is easier to quit. When Stephen quit Plutonic Dropkick to focus on getting his life together, they decided to get another guitarists (Daimon) and a dedicated vocalists (Jack), while retaining Ariel (guitar), Will (bass), and Andrew (drums).

Knowing their past, it is easier to see that In;Retrospect is …..

A Different Animal.



Jack’s vocals sound great on this intro. The lyrics are expressed very well. At some points he seems a bit rushed to fit all the words on the phrase in time. But over all it is very melodic. To me, these lyrics are about the struggle of keeping up with the music/band life. Like I mentioned earlier, its a topic that I understand well. The lead guitars are pretty tasty on the instrumental breaks. Jack and Daimon making a statement on this track. Their influence on this track is very evident.


Reign Dead

What stands out to me is the dual guitar parts. Some of the other tracks don’t seem to feature a lot of lead guitar parts. But on this one there is a place where both guitars are harmonizing that sounds pretty good. (1:29 – 1:45). The guitar solo is pretty goddamn tasty too. (3:48 – 4:08)




I really like the bass slides on this one. I also can’t help but think about a Phoenix rising from the ashes as a metaphor for starting over again with a new band. Although the lyrics seem like they are talking about something else. I may be a little biased and letting them mean what I want them to.


There is one glaring issue with this album I want to discuss. The drums. I’m not entirely sure what happened. On every track, the fill at the end of 4, before it goes back to 1, its pretty sloppy. There are a few reasons I can think of how it happened. Maybe the drummer has trouble playing to a click track? Maybe the songs are supposed to be set at different tempos at different areas of the song? Maybe the click track it at the wrong tempo? It constantly feels like the drums are getting off tempo and adjusting/correcting. I’ve seen them live and it was never really an issue. Or maybe its harder to notice in a live setting. In my opinion? There is no reason why the sound engineer should have missed this. By either laziness or negligence, something should have been done before releasing the songs. The drums, in all honesty, need to be re-tracked. If the drummer is having an issue staying on time, they should address “why?” It’s a lot of work, but programming drums is an option. At least program the fills and get a set tempo and make sure the click is set the correct BPM.

Overall, It was still a very enjoyable album. I highly recommend seeing them live. Make sure to follow In;Retrospect on their social media in the links below to find out details of up-coming shows.



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