Left Without Notice: Oh No!

Band: Left Without Notice
Album: Oh No! (April 2018)
Genre: Alternative Rock / Punk / Hard Rock
City: Wichita, Ks
Standout tracks: I Should’ve Known, What You Are
Seen Live: no

Similar Artists:
Rise Against, Nirvana, Offspring, Foo Fighters, Seether,

I think that Oh No! probably sounds the most radio friendly. But to be honest, all 4 tracks sound really well done. I want to focus on my favorites though.

I Should’ve Known

Despite the soft intro, it quickly hits you in the face with a surprise wave of aggression before backing off. The catchy part that gets stuck in your head is the chorus. The pre-chorus helps make the transition from verse to chorus more smooth. That way its not such a punch in the face each time they transition. The bridge/solo starts at 2:27. I’m on the fence on how I feel about it though. The single note chugs feels like it might have gone on a little too long. He kinda just hangs on that one note while chugging and then bending. I can tell he was leaving space for the drums to freestyle fill into the solo. I just feel like there should be more there. 2:27 – 2:52 is kind of a long time to wait for the solo. The solo shows off the guitarists skills really well. He’s experimenting with a few styles here that sound really good. The solo got a little weak around 3:24 – 3:34 but overall it was quite tasty. My favorite part of this song is the vocal melody. It is super catchy and lots of fun to sing along to. Here are the Lyrics:

“I should’ve known, I was better off alone.
You can never call me “mine”, when you’re not at home.
Now I know why you’ve been shaking x2
Left without notice, now I’m blaming you.
I should’ve known”

The vocal ability here cannot be understated. Stylistically, the bass and guitars are rather simplistic (until the solo). The main melody is left to the vocalists, rather than be carried by a lead guitarists. It is refreshing to have a talented guitarist as well as vocalists. Because they are not separate players, they do not clash. There is no real competition for melody. It is exactly how you would want it from a song writer perspective.


What You Are

However similar, What You Are have a more melancholic approach until the chorus. It may seem less dynamic, but I think its just a different approach to rising and falling climaxes. This track has a lot more focus on  the chorus and less frequent bridges/solo. The solo is much more smooth as well. There is even a tasty little bass slide back into the chorus. I could honestly listen to this chorus over and over.

Overall, the recording quality seems good. The bass is deep and constant. The guitar has its tasty spots but it careful not to overreach into vocal melody territory. The vocals stand out brilliantly. (as they should) That’s the real gem here. I’m feel a bit divided on the drums. There are places where I think he could explore more of the kit. The songs seem to be designed specifically with the drums in mind to fill out the sound, but do not fully deliver. But at the same time, in other areas, it seems like the perfect amount of presence as not to take away focus from everything else. I’m still pleasantly pleased with the ep. I highly recommend you giving it a listen for yourself. Follow them on their social media to find out about upcoming shows and go see them live!

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