Yellow Bellied Sullivan: Blues and Greens

Band: Yellow Bellied Sullivan
Album: Blues and Greens ( Aug 2018)
Genre: Indie / Folk / Acoustic / Singer Song Writer
City: Andover, Ks
Standout tracks: Not Even Yellow, Horizon II, Sand And Brine,
Seen Live: yes

Justin is a great guy. I first met him when putting together acoustic shows at the Mediterranean Hookah Cafe. That’s a hell of a drive when he is coming from Andover to the northwest side of Wichita. He also has a cover band duo with his wife, Candice, called Candice And The Business Casual. They actually play live much more frequently. They have played at such places as The Artichoke, and Morts. I’d wish he would do more shows with Yellow Bellied Sullivan. But that’s up to him.

YBS to me has a strong Iron & Wine or Decemberists vibe and I love him for it. I did a review on his previous 2 track demo. READ IT HERE.

The Blue and Greens 8 song ep shows significant improvement in quality. I assume I can attribute that to the professional recording, mixing, and mastering. It may be just me, but it sounds like something I could hear on the radio.

Not Even Yellow

I’m still not quite used to hearing a full band behind the normally solo acoustic artist. This was surprising in more ways than one though. Up beat but still acoustically laid back. There is a gritty harshness to his vocals that I really like; and yet he can still hit the high ooohs and aaaahs. He even reaches into a tasteful falsetto in places.


Horizon II

The lyrics on this one stand out to me. I feel the lyrics, melody, and instrumentals all align well. I get the feeling of moving forward. The rhythm of the drums feel like waves breaking against a small boat, and the guitar strums are like the determined paddling against an opposing current; gritting his teeth with determination to reach a new horizon. (not to mention how well the album artwork works as a visual) This track gets an A f$#king plus for instrumental visualization. Its just so goddamn powerful.

Into the sunset, into the night
into the unknown, into the blue

Which way you facing?
Which way you headed?
Got to find you own!


Sand And Brine

This track starts off slow and mellow. But it slowly gradually becomes on hinged as it goes off the rails. The song talks about “Solid Ground” but has a wobbly feel in places. (2:31) Things really pick up at 3:28. The song went from a sinister crawl to a desperate sprint. Forget walking. 3:48 is where you can hear it. Its like as if he is trying to keep his balance while taking off on a full sprint. I wish the guitar solo would have continued a bit more. I feel like there was plenty of room for him to explore more instrumentally and REALLY going off the rails here. But it was still a great climax.


Overall this is a great album. I’d put it up there with work from Aaron Lee Martin or William Bloom. Maybe if you guys listen to it and like his songs, we can all convince him to play as Yellow Bellied Sullivan more frequently. Check out his music and social media in the links below!



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