Jenny Wood: Truth Has Legs

Band: Jenny Wood
Album: Truth Has Legs (Sept 2018)
City: Wichita, Ks
Genre: Pop / Rock / Alternative
Stand out tracks: All of them
Seen live: yes

Well, to put it mildly,… Truth Has Legs by Jenny Wood is nothing short of a complete masterpiece.

Jenny Wood is the pied piper for the broken-hearted; leading us, by example, through emotional trauma. She is making us all stronger by helping us acknowledge our own pain, and push through it to move on.

The album is balanced incredibly well. Also, hard hooks for days! Every single track is perfect. I want this on vinyl. I don’t want to ramble on for too long, so I talk about the songs that hit me the hardest.


This song is surprising smooth and hard at the same time. It may start off light and delicate, but it soon gets into a heavy distortion (fuzz maybe). I love the guitar tone. On the transition from soft to hard, you can hear a slap-back delay clearly. It really took me by surprise. To top it all off, Jenny has these super belty, emotionally sustained vocals over it when it is at its heaviest. As if over-coming the chaos. (1:42) Then at 2:48 there is a really interesting bass break. Subtly in the background is a lot of interesting textures going on. This leads into a build. The drums are on point here too. 3:26 the vocals come in louder. Pleading for satisfaction. The guitars swelling up with the vocals.Some tasty bass slides for added intensity. God. Damn. What a f$%&ing introduction. It really sets the tone for the rest of the album.

You’re On Your Own

This song starts off very gentle. The gentleness of this song really lets Jenny’s trademark emotional vocals standout; as if to make you lean in closer. It feels like a confession. An apology mixed with life advice. How to over come your deepest fears. How to live your life with no regrets.

You couldn’t wait for this to happen; just to be on your own some day.
It used to sound like heaven. Now it scares you to death,
keeps you stuck in your bed; leaning over a ledge.

This is the truest statement. This killed me. I can relate. Anyone who has lost a parent can take this to heart. But nobody wants it to happen like that. Growing up. Being the adult your parents could be proud of. It doesn’t matter what age it happens. 20. 30. 60. It destroys you. Jenny Wood is a god damn treasure and I’ve never felt I needed her music so much before. Stupid me; I was foolishly listening to the album at work. I was not prepared to hide in the filing room and calm down.


Every instrument easily keeps up with Jenny’s powerful vocal performance. Both guitars retain their own separate identity. Yet, go together so well. I love that. Most guitars are set to similar setting. Sometimes its hard to distinguish which guitar is playing what. To me at least. It definitely works to their benefit to have them more distinguishable. The guitar effects and solo/leads were super tasty. It really is hard to decide who is the MVP on this album. The bass has a solid presence without being overbearing as well. The drums trigger the swells and dynamics perfectly. The backup vocals are not over used.

The dissonant breakdown on “Good Human” was unexpected, and even avant-garde. (3:04 – 3:27)


Lyrics are like she is talking to herself. Trying to convince herself to take her own advice. That’s what I’ve learned to love about her unique style of lyricism. Her main inspiration (as explained in this KMUW article) is the loss of a parent and what it takes to move on without them.

But not all the lyrics are sad. I laughed a little when she was doing her impersonation of Donald Trump on “Good Human”.


I can’t find a single flaw in the mix at all. The engineers have out done themselves here. I’d like to pick their brain on their technique for recording bass. Tracking bass can be tricky. Direct In is probably the easiest. But sometimes, if you are a heavy handed player, (like myself), its nice to correct my poor technique by allowing pedals, amps, and mics to color my tone.


Truth Has Legs could easily be the best release of 2018. From beginning to end, it is pure out pour of brutally honest emotion. 10/10. A f@#$ing masterpiece.


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