William Bloom: Keys With No Teeth

Band: William Bloom
Album: Keys With No Teeth (Feb 2018)
Genre: Singer-Song Writer / Acoustic-Piano / Jazz / Folk
City: Wichita, Ks
Standout tracks: Prove It, The Poetry Isn’t Working,
Seen Live: Yes


William Bloom has out done himself with this small 10 min Ep. It still has the gentle subtly of his previous album “Return To The Earth That Which You Have Borrowed“. But his vocals are more prevalent in the mix and shine through in a comforting way. There is also more of Piano influence on this ep.


Prove It


Prove It has all the gentleness that we have learned to love from Billy. What makes this track stand out for me is the hip-hop beats that have been incorporated into his music. The poetic style of lyrics has a way of slowly stripping away your emotional walls. Billy has a way of opening up to his audience so effortlessly. I can’t help but feel myself opening up to my own emotions as I listen. It’s a magical effect that could only exist  when it comes from a genuine artist, expressing genuine emotion, in an honest way.

The Piano is on full display in “The Poetry’s Not Working. Although it was neat to hear Billy’s music with beats, it shines just as bright when you strip away everything and leave the the basic piano and vocals. The electric organ adds a nice bit of color, but the song could work just as well without it. The interesting think about this piece, is it seems to be turned into an instrumental for the final track, “A Feeling Revisited”.

I remember reading a study about how different chords have a way to emulating certain emotions. Not every musician can perfectly portray the same emotion that the music seems to draw out. I’ll give a link to get you started in your own research. But I highly recommend looking into it on your own.


Make sure to follow William Bloom on his social media for updates on more shows and check out his music. Links provided below.


Also check out this article with KMUW.




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