Faux Reality: Daybreak’s Lullaby

Band: Faux Reality
Album: Daybreak’s Lullaby (July 2017)
Genre: Indie Rock / Jazz-Fusion / Bluegrass / Country
City: Wichita, Ks
Standout Track(s): Bloodhounds, The Rib Cage Blues, Boxelder,
Seen live: yes
Rating: 7/10 Pretty Good!

I personally think that Faux Reality could easily be a traditional jazz trio if they really wanted. What stands out the most on this album is the slides/slurs used on multiple instruments. The instrumentation variety is impressive knowing that there are only 3 members of the band. You can clearly hear the bass, guitar, trumpet, pedal-steel-guitar, and vocals, all use slides in one way or another. It all fits together nicely.

What makes Faux Reality truly unique and stand out from most other bands, is the unique combination of something simple like country, with something complex like jazz, then mash it together with some rockTo truly appreciate the subtle details of this album, I highly recommend getting the album on vinyl. I can easily picture myself in a smoking lounge or country club with this album playing on vinyl in the background. Honestly, you need to get this on vinyl if possible/applicable. Otherwise you are only getting a portion of the listening experience that was intended.

Side Note: I’d love to see Faux Reality play live with Odisea. Somebody should set that up. Can we please make that happen? (Preferably at a country club or smoking lounge. I’d be in heaven.) Oh, what about a collaboration song or split ep? I can imagine it now. It’s late October/early November. Its cold enough to need a coat, but not a heavy coat. I’m at the west-side Humidor by the golf course. They have soft leather sofas with tv screens set to low volume with a lit fireplace inside by the mantel. I am smoking a cigar sitting in an arm chair with my legs crossed, dressed up in a suite, complete with vest, neck tie, cuff-links, pocket-watch and a Derby hat. Its a bit cold outside so everyone is inside. We are all sipping on scotch, wine or some drink from the ABC Liquor across the same parking lot. (yes, they let you bring in alcohol.) And in the corner is Faux Reality, playing to the room like BROfessionals. My mood = classy refined AF. (with Odisea on deck next)

Now tell me, does that not sound like a show you would fucking die to go to? This seriously needs to happen. If not, then get this album on vinyl and at least feel classy refined AF. Now if you excuse me, I’m gonna go hunt down the owner of the west-side humidor. >_>

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