Zero 2 Panic: Running On Fumes 

Band: Zero 2 Panic
Album: Running On Fumes (July 2017)
Genre: Ska / Hard Rock / Blues / Rock
City: Pittsburg, Ks
Standout Track(s): Let The Ashes Fall, Monster Under My Bed,
Seen live: no
Rating: 6.5/10 Pretty Good! unique and interesting, but maybe not for everybody

Even though this band has obvious Punk / Ska similarities, (and the singer does sound a lot like The Mighty Mighty Bosstones) they are not like most third wave punk / ska bands. I grew up in the 90’s, so I naturally think of bands like Goldfinger, Less Than Jake, Reel Big Fish, Sublime, No Doubt, Streetlight Manifesto, and Kemuri. But all of those bands have a punk version of ska. They seem to replace the backbeat scratchy guitar with a driving distorted sound more often found in modern hard rock.

The song Bounce is like ska mixed with Blues.
Chiminea is more like a traditional 3rd wave Punk/Ska song.
Let The Ashes Fall and Monster Under My Bed are Ska mixed with Hard Rock.
World’s Worst Country Song is Ska mixed with Country.

One of the songs I want to talk about is Let The Ashes Fall. It is a unique genre blending song. I would not have originally thought hard rock and ska could work together. But here I am. The song starts off with a Trombone solo. A few moments later however, the rest of the band comes is fast and hard. (that’s what she said) The catchy part of the song is during the chorus with the repeated lines “Let the ashes fall” and here the brass match the strings to create a semi-full orchestra chord. There is a tasty guitar solo that reminds me a bit of Drowning Pool with the wah pedal shredding. It is surprising how well the brass compliments a song of this genre. After the guitar solo, around 3:24, you can hear the back-up vocals with a drum/vocal hook. The back-ups sound great here. It adds to the idea of a full orchestra chord with all the layers. Peeling back a few layers helps appreciate all the things going on under the surface. One by one, the band adds back the layers as they lead into a breakdown. Yelling “HEY HEY HEY” as a chant before ending the song with a final chorus. It’s a fun, catchy and unique song.


Monster Under My Bed may not seem as hard rock as the previous song. Maybe a bit more straight rock? The brass sounds great during the hook at 2:31, and again during the breakdown/outro at 3:51.

I have an honorable mention. World’s Worst Country Song is God. Damn. Hilarious! It reminded me of the intro song to King of The Hill in the most hilarious way. But the part where I complete lost it was during the lines:
“My boss tell me that I’m working late
Well I looked him in the eye and I said…

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