Ghost Town Strays: Vol 1

Band: Ghost Town Strays
Album: Vol. 1 (Jan 2017)
Genre: Rockabilly / Psychedelic / Surfer / Instrumental / Country / Experimental
City: Wichita, Ks
Standout Track(s): Cantina,
Seen live: yes
Rating: 6/10 Pretty Good! Go see them live. Live rating is 8/10

What I really like about Ghost Town Strays is that they are truly one of a kind here in Wichita. There have been a few different variations of this band that I’ve seen live. The band has changed drummers a few times. They’ve had phases with country mixed with rockabilly. Then they dropped the Country sound for a more Psychedelic approach. You can still listen to some of their earlier songs on their ReverbNation page. Some Johnny Cash covers and the Spiderman theme song have been a crowd favorite. They dropped a lot of their songs with vocals to be more instrumental and started wearing luchador masks to add a more thematic element.

That is partially the reason why they haven’t released a demo in so long. For now they are mostly an instrumental band.



The effects used in this band give it a truly unique sound. Not just the guitar, but the bass as well. When I see them live, they always seem to have an active stage presence. There was this show a few years back my band Becoming Atlas played with them at a hookah bar called “The Bean Scene 2”. They completely stole the show. They were moving all around the stage and mock-surfing on the couches. It was a wild night.

Later at the Elbow Room, I saw the guitarist play his guitar BEHIND HIS BACK all Johnny-Be-Good style! You can also see their bassist adjusting the tuning pegs a half step to simulate bends.

They are just an all around fun band. It’s really hard not to just break out into dancing when they play. Highly entertaining to listen, watch, and even participate in their performance. I personally really enjoy the moving bass lines and the crazy stage antics with the experimental effects. There is echo, reverb, wah, and whammy stuff.

I personally think it would be cool to incorporate more vocals, maybe even with Spanish lyrics like in some of their previously recorded songs. But I also understand how that might take away from their live stage presence. I also wish that you could download their album from somewhere online.

These guys should honestly get more recognition for everything that they put into their show. I think that their music could be easily marketed to video games. Maybe some kind of Cowboy Surfer game. I can see them being featured on the next Red Dead Redemption or the next Grand-Theft Auto set in California. If you haven’t seen them live, I encourage you to check them out. This event would be a great time to see them! Pick up the CD!

Like their FaceBook page and check to see new updates for the band! But more importantly, GO SEE THEM LIVE!


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