The Coma Calling: As The Trees Slept


Band: The Coma Calling
Album: As The Trees Slept (June 2017)
Genre: Instrumental / Easy Listening / Electricana
City: Wichita, Ks
Standout Track(s): For Rosemary, Remnants, Disable,
Seen live: no
Rating: 8/10 Amazing!

Similar artists: Tycho, Bonobo, Album Leaf, Nine Inch Nails (Ghost Album), downy,

I have a soft spot for ambient chill music. This album did not disappoint. I really found the reoccurring clock theme interesting. As there are no lyrics or any words besides the title, it is really up to the listener to decide what each song is about. I really enjoy inquisitive sense about instrumental music. It always seems to provoke and stimulate deep thoughts for me. (a music high) Maybe that is why this style of music is so perfect for studying or unwinding.

Lets talk about the instrumentation. Aside from the electronic beats for drums, there are a lot of ambient effects from a keyboard. The versatility produced on this album is impressive. For me, I really enjoyed the bells, or maybe xylophone. And there was also a harpsichord type of sound on top of a layer of strings to give it a full, yet hallow vibe.

Because of the clock sound effects and bells, listening to this made me think a lot about time and how it is being spent. I also thought of those wind-up toys meant for children. I thought about how time is fleeting as youth disappears. Am I spending time wisely? I can feel the desperation to obtain more time. There is never enough. The general conscious awareness of time and how it effects all aspects of my life, put me into a trance like state. I love it when music has that mental stimulation. Ultimately, by the end of album, I was left with questions about myself and life in general. What a wonderful journey this album has taken me on.

I think that this should be submitted to various video game companies. There is a high demand for music for games. (particularly in phone app games) This would be perfect for a puzzle or riddle type of game. (Like Sherlock Holmes) Each new level would have a different track that repeat until the level is complete.

You can stream/download the album on BamdCamp or SoundCloud. Make sure to like/follow them on FaceBook and Twitter to see updates on new releases and additional press.




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