Parthian: Perpetual Deconstruction

Band: Parthian
Album: Perpetual Deconstruction (Dec 2016)
Genre: Melodic-Death Metal / Progressive / Jazz
City: Wichita, Ks
Standout tracks: Rigor Mortis
Seen live: no
Rating 7/10 Pretty Good!

Similar Artists: Escape The Fate, Trivium, Bullet For My Valentine, Killswitch Engage, All That Remains, Lamb Of God, Shadows Fall, In Flames, Still Remains,

The artwork style makes me think of old school Megadeth or Iron Maiden or maybe Blind Guardian and Children Of Bodom.


I feel like the artwork seems appropriate for their sound, but might also imply more of a viking metal type of vibe. In my opinion they sound more death metal than viking metal. But that aspect is still somewhat prevalent. The jazzy breaks are really great on this album as well.

Recording and mixing quality:
This is the part of the review where I hyper-focus and get nit-picky.

I don’t know if they have a keyboardist for live shows, but they should consider it heavily. The keyboard brought a lot of diversity to their songs. The drums don’t sound programmed. That is super important for me. When I listen to metal music, the drums and guitar stand out so much, that any imperfection is amplified. A lot of drums are programmed for metal bands when recording because of the complexity. It makes it easier for the sound engineer to mix the other instrumentation. If these were programmed, he hide it well. The drums blend in without standing out too much. The bass is hard to single out in most tracks. I think it sounds a bit raw. I know a lot of times the bass level seems low because the low frequency. Bassists who play with their fingers instead of a pick can get a lot of finger/string sound that makes it hard for the engineer to turn up the bass level without putting in a lot of sting/finger sound in the mix. I didn’t hear any of that, so good job! I personally think that the bass would sound less raw if there was some sort of effect that would blend it better with the guitars though. The lead guitar comes in with a higher level. That’s not normally a band thing, however, it sounds like the guitar level is higher than vocals.
The vocals. Let’s talk about the vocals.
Aside from the level being lower than the lead guitar in some areas, they also seemed a bit raw. I feel like they should have also had some sort of effect to help blend in with the rest of the band. The clean vocals sounded really good. They reminded me of Escape The Fate. The scream/growl vocals sounded like they were layered and a bit mono-toned. I know that it is hard to change pitch and scream, but it would sound awesome if you could! Architects is a great example of what I’m talking about. Listen to the chorus of that song. If the vocals could be more melodic AND screamy, it would match the rest of the melodic death metal vibe going on.

The song I want to point out is “Rigor Mortis”. I wanted to do more standout tracks, even though this ep only has 4 songs. I decided to go with Rigor Mortis because it is a whopping 12 minutes long! I might as well be covering three songs lol.

This song is an epic that can be separated in multiple parts. The tempo and main riff changes every 40 seconds or so. This song is chalk full of multiple breakdowns and interludes. This song is a whirlwind of tempo and mood changes. They are not just prog. They’re prog af. The most notable moment for me is when the song quiets down at 6:27. At 7:36, the bassist gets his time to shine. Afterwards the song goes to this minor diminished progression. Immediately afterwards it picks up with an uptempo, upbeat, uplifting progression as if overcoming the depressive mood. The whole band comes in hard and fast. (just like I did to your mom last night) This song gives me Trivium deja vu. I love it! They bring in an acoustic for another mellow guitar solo to end out the song. Perfect for a closing song.

Side Note:
I’d like to see Parthian play with Standing In The Colour. That would make for a strong bill.

Make sure you like their FaceBook page to find out when/where their next show is and if you like their ep, you can download/stream it from BandCamp. Watch this music video on YouTube and give it a thumbs up!


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