Old News: Consolation Prize

Band: Old News
Album: Consolation Prize (April 2017)
Genre: Alternative / Rock / Indie / Punk / Jazz
City: Wichita, Ks
Standout tracks: Hook Line Sucker,   Johnny Poop Shoes
Seen live: no
Rating: 9.5/10 Amazing!

Similar Bands:

I got really excited about this album when it came out. It reminded me of two other local bands that I really like. Their singer (Beau Harris) really reminds me of a mix between Ryan Stoldt from Twin Cities and Doug Lynn from Filius Sol. The use of a Trumpet reminds me of the first band I was in way back when, Bellafonte. I think they would pair well with Jenny Wood, actually.

Enough local comparisons! (even though they would make an excellent show together)

What I like about “Hook, Line, Sucker” is obviously that sweet ass maw’fukkin’ Trumpet solo HOLY SHIT GOD DAMN! (1:23 – 2:10) Excluding the trumpet solo, this track still features the trumpet the most out of the other 3 songs. The trumpet brings such a unique sound to the band. I wish they would incorporate more of it in each song (or feature it in some other songs). I understand that the songs are quite “busy” as it is. Maybe its hard to find a place to add a trumpet without making the song sound like there is too much going on at once. You do not want to have 2 conflicting melodies.

It can be done though. Just look at Last of the Wilds by Nightwish. It is an instrumental song, true; but the instruments take turns with melody and harmony. They keep a balance and take turns. The end result is that they compliment each other and add, instead of take away, from the collective melody.

I think that even just sustaining the note of the chord the guitar/bass is playing would add enough flair to make the trumpet more noticeable on more than 1 track. It might be more accurate to say that this band features a trumpet one the song “Hook, Line, Sucker”. The trumpet is also featured on the song “Johnny Poop Shoes”. But I kinda needed to see the music video to even recognize when/where it was playing. Sadly, it is mostly an unnecessary and minute part of the song.


I’m going to defend Sutton Wilson (Trumpet) for a quick second. You may not be saying anything at practices because you are just happy to participate, but I know you are not satisfied. 1 song?! Are there more? I’m going to be honest here, all of the songs on this album are great; but “Hook, Line, Sucker” is by far my favorite song, and it is because of the trumpet. I bet other people feel the same. I’ve talked 2 people at my work to download your album, but they only did it for that song. That’s not to say the other songs are not good, but “Hook, Line, Sucker” was the song that convinced them to download. I’m just saying…look into that.

I’m torn on this issue. On one hand I like the trumpet and want to see it incorporated more. I can also sympathize with Sutton. I’m sure he also would like to be more included (unless he is on other songs that are not recorded). On the other hand, mixing trumpet into Indie / Punk / Rock may be a little hard to do. It would take away from the sound that the band pre-established. Like the band is going in a direction that would require LESS trumpet involvement. Which is understandable, but also a bummer. I hope they find a way to compromise for each other.


I realize that I am making a pretty big assumption that there is conflict. But I’ve been around musicians enough to know about ego and how to fit into a group. Maybe I am wrong and there is no problem… In which case, disregard my rant about ego. Hopefully they didn’t read this and then start fighting. >_>;


The other song I wanted to talk about was “Johnny Poop Shoes”. lolwut #ThatTitleTho
The Video Single for this EP was shot and recorded by Faux Sound & Pictures. (Which is the same place they recorded the EP.)

I really like the guitar and bass tone in this song. What stands out to me is how good the ghost/muted notes sound in the chorus, with that fast strum (0:49). Also, the drums are low-key impressive in this song as well (0:00-0:22). Managing hi-hat, snare, and rim shots is quite the impressive display of time management. The fast guitar notes during the pre-chorus are good too. They match perfectly with the drum fills. It’s just the perfect blend of clean and distortion/over-drive. The bass line in the verses is might tasty. Even though there is only 1 guitarist, the 2 guitars harmonize really well (1:08-1:19). Maybe the trumpet helps out with that live? This is a great song, however, I really do wish the trumpet had more presence. It is practically non-existent. He doesn’t have to harmonize the fast paced melody (although that would be fucking awesome too) he can sustain out some whole notes with crescendo for emphasis. It could add a layer of depth to the song. Just give him something more to do than those two notes on the pre-chorus.

Make sure you like these guys on FaceBook to get notifications of upcoming gigs and future releases. You can download/stream the entire album on BandCamp, and YouTube.

Feel free to let me know what you thought about the album in the comments below.


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