Idea: Winter

Band: Idea
Album: Winter (March 2017)
Genre: Indie / Progressive / Contemporary Jazz
City: Wichita, Ks
Standout tracks: Cory In The Streets Shawn In The Sheets, This Is How I Skateboard, Moscow
Seen live at the time of review: no
Rating: 9/10 Amazing!

Similarities: Animals As Leaders (minus the metal aspects), Foals (less pop-y), Dance Gavin DanceFaux Reality. (Makes sense as they Mixed and Mastered the album). Excellent choice in my opinion.

What immediately stands out for me is the excellent dual lead guitars. They harmonize and compliment each other so well. But as I continued listening to the album, I noticed the drummer. He has a lot of smooth and interesting transitions. However, I abso-fucking-lutely love his fills in certain areas. SO GODDAMN TASTY! On the song “Cory In The Streets, Shawn In The Sheets” (I love the Boys Meets World reference btw) listen carefully from 1:20-2:05. Fucking. God. Damn. Yes. Those drums are pure sex. Ima just take a minute and talk about this drummer. It is clear to me that he is a total pro. Drumline in high school? Definitely has played in some solo drum-off challenges. (like at guitar center) He utilizes all of his kit, frequently. The drums are exactly what the band needs, when they need it. Supporting simplistic beats when necessary, but mixes it up to keep it interesting. Allowing the singer and guitarist(s) to shine when they need to. Delicate symbol work when it quiets down. Just wow.

I can’t really pick out any specific parts where the 2 guitars are more impressive than others. The entire album is chalk full of beautiful melodies that are inter-twined with each other.  It’s pretty much all magnificent. Everything is seemingly mellow, but very fast paced. The guitars and drums dominate your attention throughout the whole album. I’m going to coin the phrase, Violently Gentle. Like my body may be mellow and calm, but my mind is active and fast. This music channels my inner student. I just feel more intellectual having heard it. Something I am a little disappointed with is the bass. Don’t get me wrong, he is a talented individual. However, the way it was mixed, it sounds like the focus is on the dual guitars. I can understand that. In order to emphasize the guitars more, he might have turned down the bass. You can’t just turn the levels of every instrument up. Levels have limits before they red line. So instead of turning up the guitars more, it sounds like he turned down the bass to give the guitars extra emphasis. Like I said, I can understand it; and it was probably the better choice. But I crave me some tasty bass. This is also why you should go see this band live. (They play at Kirby’s April 14th (Friday) with Perigean Tide and Parthian)

Honorable mention: “Yea, I Can Do A Boat”
Interesting intro with the poly-rhythm time signatures. Interesting vocal melodies. It reminds me of a coo-coo clock. I mean, it makes sense, as the first lyrics are “The clock is ticking…” There is this interesting part of the song; (1:31-2:31) as if I am replaying memories of fun times in the past. The harmonizing trumpets are really nice too. Even though the poly-rhythms are neat, At 2:36, they seem like they get out of hand in a few places. I think I also heard the singer crack his voice at 3:28 when trying to hit a falsetto note.

The 6th track, “This Is How I Skateboard”, is my second favorite song. I really like the chorus section (0:38-0:52) The vocals shine perfectly here. The singer nails that falsetto that he missed on the previous song. But mostly the drummer like to show off on this song. In fact, every part has a least 1 part where they get to have a few cool moments. (but lets be honest, this drummer is a god amongst men). Between the 2 guitars and drummer, it is easy to get lost in everything that is going on. Its the best feeling. Getting lost in good music is easily one of my top 5 favorite feelings, and this band makes it easy to get lost and just dream.

Another thing I noticed, is that I don’t think the lyrics ever repeat in every song. The music is nudging the listener to live in the moment; appreciate it while it is there, then let it go. It gives the lyrics more depth. It adds more to the intellectual vibe.

So I would easily have payed $5 for this album, but they are just giving it away lolwtf!!! so go download it on BandCamp while you still can!


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