For The Birds

Band: For The Birds
Album: Self-Titled (2016)
Genre: Rock / Alternative / Pop / Blues
City: Derby, Ks
Standout tracks: For The Birds, Busted Seams
Seen Live?: yes
Rating: 8/10 Amazing!

Even though For The Birds have been around for awhile, (videos on Facebook from around 2013) they are relatively unknown in Wichita. I discovered them while at the Battle of the Bands at Steel Bar February 9th-11th.

What stood out for me about For The Birds performance at Steel Bar Thursday and Saturday, is how tight and together their music is. But what makes everybody as tight as they are is the consistency of their drummer. They are very well rehearsed. With the drums always in the pocket, and the bass grooving non-stop, it takes a lot of pressure off of the singer/rhythm guitar to interact with the crowd. This allows him to be the front man a crowd needs. Interaction with a crowd does make a difference, believe it or not. The music may be simple, but having room for crowd interaction also leave room for the lead guitarist to bring color and complexity to the music. It’s just enough that the songs don’t get too repetitive.

For The Birds remind me of bands like Red Hot Chili Peppers, 311, and Sublime. They are very laid-back and chill. Hip-hop style beats and groovy bass riffs, Ska style guitar and blue’s style solo’s.

Their demeanor was very professional. Their set appeared to be very well rehearsed and polished to the point that the musicians felt very comfortable on stage. If I were a venue owner or a booking agent, I would feel very comfortable booking them that they would know how to entertain AND INTERACT with the audience in a way that keeps the attention on them, but in a chill relaxing kind of way.

What the band seems to lack the most in a frustratingly obvious way, is that they do not have much of an online presence. No Bandcamp, no ReverbNation, no SoundCloud, No Twitter. I was only able to buy this album because I saw them at the Battle of the Bands at Steel Bar. Unfortunately, I cannot direct you to the music to sample for yourself. However, through my various searches I discovered that there are several other bands called “For The Birds”.

Normally I would post a link for you to listen or maybe buy the music. Additionally, I would also talk about my favorite songs or specific parts of the songs that I thought stood out…but …

Well, there you have it. Check out their Facebook page. That seems to be the only way to contact them or get in touch to find out when the next gig is. I encourage you to go see them and buy an album, if you get a chance.



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