Jenny Wood: Don’t Let Them Get In Your Head

Band: Jenny Wood
Album: Don’t Let Them Get In Your Head (2016)
Genre: Pop / Rock / Blues
City: Wichita, Ks
Standout tracks: Don’t Let Them Get In Your Head, Thicker Skin, Let It Go
Seen live: no
Rating: 10/10 PERFECT!!!

Jenny Wood share similarities with Katy Perry, P!nk, Alanis Morrissette, Gwen Stephani, Blondie, and Deftones (in a high energy whisper kind of way)

So I bought the Jenny Wood (Don’t Let Them Get In Your Head) album. I normally buy through Bandcamp, but this album wasn’t available on bandcamp. But you can get it on iTunes or Spotify, or Google Play.

Listening to Jenny Wood inspires me in a special way. It come across very intimate and personal. Her lyrics sound like she is speaking through experience. It feels like reading her personal diary. (Even tho most her lyrics are addressed to “you”) Her music is like a motivational speech to herself. It’s like she is trying her best to take her own advice, as if she was talking to a mirror, trying to psych herself up or gain a little courage to face the day.
Lyrics that are repeated is like the advice she has told herself a thousand times to believe it. When you hear a repeated line, pay attention to it. There is meaning there.

  • “Don’t let them get in your head. Don’t let them.”
    ~(2:15 – 3:38)
  • “You’re not alone / I’m not alone / You can’t take that away from me.”
    ~You’ not alone (1:27 – 2:52)
  • “Life is good. Don’t watch me throw mine away.”
    ~Life Is Good (most of the song)

There is a specific attitude when it comes with her performance. She isn’t trying to impress the audience as much as she is expressing herself. She is trying to convey something specific and you hear it if you listen close enough. Missing notes is not as important as the energy expressed through raw powerful emotion.

…I really try to get those emotional baby voices, not even trying to stay on the tone, but really just trying to get the emotion in there. With the belt-ier stuff, as long as I can hear the right emotion I was hoping for when I wrote the song, …
~quote from an interview at KMUW

If you can’t tell me how you feel with your instrument, you are not a musician; you’re just a guitarists. That’s how you can tell she is an honest musician. She excels at communicating her emotions through her music.

The only downside I can make from listening to her music, is that she uses the word “you” a lot in her songs. Like… a lot. From a writer / reading perspective that would be an area of improvement; however, not entirely necessary.

Check out her facebook page for updates on upcoming shows.
she also has her own website.


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