Animal Parade: Who, Not What

Band: Animal Parade
Album: Who, Not What (2015)
Genre: Rock / Blues / Indie / Folk
City: Wichita, Ks
Standout Tracks: Animal Parade, Coming To An End, Walking Constellation
Seen Live?: no
Rating: 8/10 Amazing!

What I like most about Animal Parade is how much the singer reminds me of the Decemberists. The band demonstrates a clear understanding of when to crescendo. Each track swells and drops off. The guitar seems mostly clean with a slight crunch and the drums signal the rest of the band to come in harder, or drop off quieter. Its a delicate blend  of increased instrumentation for effective emphasis. When they drop off it brings the listener in (as if to whisper) and bring a special emphasis on the vocals. In the frequent but short instrumental parts where the vocals take a small break, it helps set the mood. It is there that the bass shines. The bass is no slouch. For a mostly background role, he grooves.

In the song “Animal Parade” you can hear the breaks to set the mood. For a song with a lot of staccato, it feels extremely smooth. There isn’t much effects, but the tone works with its simplicity. At 2:07 its hard to miss how everything is perfectly timed. Its a delicate moment of honesty. There is almost a sadness felt with the lyrics”We’re all animals” repeated softly and rising with the drums as it comes back in for another instrumental part.

“Coming To An End” is such a melodic song. I cant help but close my eyes and get lost in it. Even the bass has super tasty fills that pair nicely with the moving/swaying guitar riff. Its like they are dancing with each other.

Last year they performed the Morning View album by Incubus and I’m still kicking myself for not going. Be sure to check out their facebook page to stay updated on upcoming shows.

Buy their album “Who, Not What” on bandcamp here:


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