Domestic Drone: Nitevisions

Band: Domestic Drone
Album: Nitevisions
Genre: Goth / Psychadellic / Rock  / Indie / Shoegaze / avant-garde / Noise / Experimental
City: Wichita, Ks
Standout track(s): Trashed, Policed, Ashes
Seen live: no
Rating: 5/10 unique but not for everybody

The singer reminds me of Asoubi Seksu. But I also get a Stolen Babies vibe for some reason. I can hear influences like Nick Cave, The Cure and Depeche Mode. They may not think it, but they have a very heavy Original Goth sound. Its a very dark and empty sound. But not in a bad way. They capitalize on the negative space to create a very moody sound. Something that I think is quite unique for Wichita.

Quick history lesson on what “Shoegaze” means. The name came from bands that use a lot of effect pedals, and because of that, they are constantly looking at their feet and adjusting their sound.

I’m actually impressed with the name of this band. Their name fits their sound like a glove. Ravi Shankar used drone instruments when he played music. That is what made his music so meditative. Breathing in and out when meditating creates a drone that helps to empty your mind of cluttered thoughts. So, having an instrument play the same thing repetitively creates a drone that makes everything else stand out. But Domestic Drone uses that technique and combines it with the empty / dark sound like original Goth bands.

I bought this album from bandcamp, but they also have the option to ship a cassette tape from TAHRC. Listening to this band might have a unique listening experience. If you have a working tape player, I highly recommend it.


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