ReverbNation is a cool concept that is flooded with bots and noobs.

ReverbNation is a social media site that focuses its target market on local level bands. This is a brief overview of the things I like and dislike about the website in general.
The easiest way is to do a pro/con list.

Pro: Popularity tracking.
The website keeps track of fans from other websites, mainly Facebook likes, Twitter followers, and YouTube views/subscribers. Add that to your fans on ReverbNation and it comes up with a general list of who is more popular; organized by genre and local city. That is handy if you want to see how you compare to other local bands. It is nice if you want to research other local bands. I did this several times in some of my earlier bands. I would find a band I liked on ReverbNation, then look them up on Facebook. From there I could msg their Facebook band page or find the band members individually. It’s not a bad way to get in touch with other bands you might not have even heard about otherwise. (Especially if you are just getting started).

Con: Popularity Tracking
The draw back is that this can only keep track of your online presence. Your band might have 5k likes online but if you only have a handful of fans that show up to shows, venues and other potential bands will think you are more popular than you actually are. It is easy to be misleading.

Con: Inactive bands.
There is a large number of active bands that are not on ReverbNation. There is also a large number of inactive bands that are still on ReverbNation. So the stats are skewed, and a small portion of your research is moot. There are some bands that are still active, but their ReverbNation page is not. This makes ReverbNation feel like a ghost town. It looks more full and active than it actually is.

Pro: Music Upload.
You can upload your recorded music for other visitors to listen to. Once it is uploaded, you can customize your music to be stream only, or free download, or pick a price to sell your music that will be deposited into your ReverbNation account. In this regard, ReverbNation is very similar to Bandcamp. (or dare I even mention Music MySpace). ReverbNation also has an inbuilt system that makes it easier to put your music on iTunes and Spotify.

Pro: It is free to make an account.(Kind of)
Of course you can pay a premium price for an upgraded version of the free/basic account. You really don’t need any of the extra services. (More on that later)

Con: Press Kit.
Most of the extra services are bullshit. You can have a press kit for $9.95 a month. This allows you to submit booking requests to venues that have accounts on ReverbNation. That would be neat if any local venues used ReverbNation. Some venues have an account but do not check it and most of them prefer Facebook or an email address. The press kit also allows you to submit your music to various online magazines and online radio competitions. I’m mostly sure that these competitions are fake. I’ve tried googling the competition to see if I get any hits, and I can never find anything. That seems super sketchy to me. I suppose it helps raise moral to think you are going somewhere submitting your music to different pretend competitions and your music will be listened to by imaginary people who will have the same response no matter who you submit your music to.

Pro: Crowd Reviews.
For a varied price you can have your music critiqued and judged to potentially get radio play. $9.95 bronze review. $19.95 silver review. $99.95 gold review. Each upgraded version comes with more reviews from people on ReverbNation whom are picked at random. They leave a comment and give you a 1-5 star rating. Each upgraded review comes with additional stats and data.

Con: Crowd Reviews.
80% of people who do the reviews on this site are retarded and don’t have any idea what they are talking about. I have had 2 different bands that have done these reviews and I (unfortunately) have purchased all 3 levels of review. Honestly neither of them are particularly worth it. But the $9.95 is cheapest and not bad. But DO NOT expect much. But it does help getting a general idea of what idiots think of your music. Sometimes people give it a 1/5 because it isn’t country music. Other times they will give it a 4/5 because it is country. (Even though you are alternative rock.) Also somebody will say they liked the keyboard in a song that does not feature a keyboard at all. Also, nobody appreciates metal on this site so metal bands don’t bother. They dangle that “8/10” in front of you like you will get the radio once you get a high score. But my old band Faith In Fools got a song that was good enough to get us featured on the home page. A lot of people liked us on the ReverbNation website. But none of those transferred to Facebook likes or twitter followers ect. Our song got a lot of plays as well. But nobody purchased the song and we never got any offers. We even submitted that song to several contests/competitions, but nothing won. (Because the contests are fake) So even if you pay all the money for reviews, and make a high enough score and impress the people who are mostly ignorant, that doesn’t guarantee anything because it is a scam.

Pro: Calendar / gig schedule.
It’s nice when doing research. Which bands played where, when, with who. If you have autopost set up, it will post on your twitter/facebook when a show you are playing is drawing near.

Pro: Auto Post.
You can set ReverbNation to auto post to various other social media sites. Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, Tumblr. It makes it simpler when you have 1 site to occasionally post reminders to all of the others when you have a gig. Kinda like an email notifying you that you have a doctors appointment soon. Upload a video/pics once on ReverbNation and then it gets posted on all the other places automatically.

Here is a link to the bands on ReverbNation from Wichita, Ks.


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