Twin Cities: Missing Out On Nothing

Band: Twin Cities
Album: Missing Out On Nothing (Nov 2015)
Genre: indie / rock / punk
City: Wichita, Ks
Standout track(s): Graduation, Romantic Comedy, Brown Eyes
Seen live: yes
Rating: 9/10 Amazing!

As a 3 piece each member of the band has freedom to play more vibrantly. The opening song “Wedding Vows” it seems more like an intro into the album. It’s only 1:14 long. So the opening track to me is actually their 2nd track, “Romantic Comedy”. The bass and the guitar sync up with each other nicely. Sort-of reminds me of acoustic rock. The drums and bass are moving things along swiftly. But the tones for the bass and guitar are light enough that it doesn’t seem heavy or aggressive. The general tone of this entire album has the feel of a Death Cab for Cutie feel. (like a break up album) Nostalgia, regret, and longing for what used to be are the main themes for the majority of their songs. The lyrics tug at your heart-strings.

But what I like most about it is the raw emotions behind the lyrics. In some places you can can almost hear the singer struggle to make it through his vocal line without quivering shakily through. His voice is just scratchy enough to give each song an edgy bite. However there are areas where it seems too scratchy.

Of the 3 songs I picked, Romantic Comedy has the best mediation; it’s a nice balance because his scratchy vocals fit in well with the fast pace, but also mellow enough to blend with the lighter tones of the guitar.

Graduation is my favorite song. The lyrics describe a real struggle that many people can identify with. Friends from high school or college leaving and pursuing careers and a family life. The fleeting feeling of friendship and the realization that time is limited. It’s a very emotional song. It builds up perfectly, but is almost ruined by a sour note at 2:14.  Both singers are screaming off key. It’s almost cringe worthy. I’m not sure how that passed the final mix. Perhaps the sound engineer didn’t have pitch correct? Maybe they were short on time/money and just ran with what they could do in a few takes? I don’t know. Overall, still a fantastic song.

Brown Eyes starts off really fast paced. But the best part is after it slows down. After a brief build with quivering lyrics, at 3:19-3:58 there is such a raw over flow of emotion as the song peaks. You can feel the singer breaking down in a desperate plea for somebody to stay. It’s overwhelming. I can visualize him falling to his knees, holding back tears. The instrumentation here is on point. The whole band is on the same page here. This part is vivid in my mind. It’s heartbreaking; but in a good way I guess. I’m not crying shuddap!!! >:'[

Anyway, In summary, the best and worst thing about Twin Cities is their raw emotion. Sometimes there is quivering vocal lines and off key screams. And other times the music brings you to tears because the music and lyrics are so transparent in conveying the emotion of the artist.

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