Facebook: a disgruntled guide for bands

There are many different ways to run a band. It is really hard to do without using at least one form of social media. Most bands actually use multiple social media platforms to help manage their bands (because they are mostly self-managed)

Some examples include:
SoundCloud, ReverbNation, BandCamp, Bandsintown, Music Clout, Twitter, MySpace, Facebook.

As you can see there are seemingly endless options to help you manage your band. The most widely used is Facebook.

Most bands I have dealt with use Facebook as their main online presence to post their songs from another social media device. They also create events to their shows and share/invite, as well as general updates of the band, photo’s video ect. But not all venues use Facebook. For example, the Donut Whole has its own website; and on the website, there is a specific email they want you to use for booking. In a similar way, Fine Swine Productions email is used for booking at Lizards Lounge and Elbow Room. If you try to message them on their Facebook page, they will just redirect you to their preferred channel of communication. However, Kirby’s seems to respond to a Facebook msg or there are a few individuals personal Facebook you can contact as well to reserve a day. (This works for kirbys and barleycorns) There is nothing wrong with that. Businesses run things differently. Always respect the venue and follow their rules. Some people like to have their band/venue be intertwined with their personal life while others take the “I don’t eat where I shit” approach. Lesson here is to research your venues and go through the proper channels.  #Communication

Here is something that has bothered me and many others who use Facebook as their main social media source for their band/venue. Let’s say you are a new band with a small set list, perfect for being an opening band, But you don’t know anybody personally to set up a gig for you. That means you have to set up your own gig. So you go do some research on Facebook and pick a venue and reserve a night, then pick some bands you like to play with and send them a message to see if they are interested and/or available. There are certain bands that simply won’t respond and appear to give you the cold shoulder. Perhaps Facebook is not their main contact preference? (But they should list that in their Facebook page description.) Maybe they have a band manager and you need to go through him/her? (If so, they need to mention that in their Facebook page description.) Maybe nobody is taking the time to manage the facebook page? (why do you even have a FB page?) The point of having a band/venue Facebook page is to communicate with people. If you prefer to communicate another way, that information needs to be readily available and easily accessible. If you are counting on the venue/band to just magically know your preference, then you are going to have a bad time. Also, if you have a Facebook page and don’t respond to inquiries, why do you have a Facebook page? #No Communication

It’s pretty easy to deal with, when you get a new band that doesn’t know your preference…, tell them. Move on. If you get a lot of those questions, maybe put that info somewhere more obvious on your Facebook page. If you don’t respond at all, well then that’s a dick move. That’s basically turning away potential business. #No Communication

Side Note: If the FB venue page clearly has an email they want you to use for booking listed, and you try to msg them anyway on FB… you might be a bastard.

Either you have made a Facebook page for your band, despite not actually ever being on Facebook, or you are just flat out ignoring certain people. I find it difficult to understand why you would not respond to a simple question. For a new band, silence can be one of the most frustrating experiences to deal with. It’s like saying we don’t deserve a response. Bands like that piss me off. At least give me a straight yes or no. This passive aggressive behavior is not doing anybody any favors.  The least you could do is msg them back and say that they are not interested at this time or something. #Communication.

I’ve had the unfortunate pleasure of being ignored by 3-4 bands on Facebook while trying to set up a show. I can’t just wait for gigs to fall into my lap. Some things you have to do yourself; otherwise it just doesn’t happen. My opinion of a band changes really quickly when I get blown off. Let’s say, I have a band. I go to a local show to see if there is a band I want to play with. I really like the band and introduce myself to the band members and compliment their music because I genuinely like it. Later I go to their Facebook page and ask if they are interested in a gig together. Nothing will make me lose interest in your band faster than being ignored. #NO Communication.

Let’s say that there is a band I want to play with. I’ve listened to all their online stuff and really want to try and set something up. I find them on FB and send them a msg. If the band is inactive, that is one thing. But if the band is clearly making posts and events…. what the hell man? Fuck you too, I guess :/ Is it so hard to simply reply, “Thank you for your consideration, but we are not interested at this time.”I can respect that. #No Communication

I’ve had bands say they will play with us on Facebook, but the day of the gig they don’t show up without even telling us. #No Communication

I’ve had a promoter change the venue 2-3 times without notifying me. I found out because I had to cancel some shows with a venue, but I was keeping the show in question. The booking agent told me there was no show scheduled for that day. So I went back to the promoter. He told me the venue had been changed. A few weeks pass. Then I notice the event page on my facebook feed. (I wasn’t invited or notified) Another day or 2 pass by and I notice that the event page was updated to say we were playing at a venue that does not provide a p.a. or any sound equipment. With the gig turning into a shit-show really fast, I was getting a real uneasy feeling. My band had sound equipment, but we did not want to volunteer our equipment for everybody. Technically it belonged to our guitarist at the time. With the way everything was going, we felt like backing out of the gig. I finally asked the promoter if he had sound equipment for the gig. It was obvious he forgot or did not know he needed to get a p.a. We waited a few days and he ended up asking if he could use ours. It’s a good thing we had a p.a. Or else the show would have been cancelled.

Once we were at the show, we set up and played first. We noticed that some people were missing. One of the bands did not show because 1 of the members was not told there was a show. I’m not surprised. I had to be really on top of stuff or else I would have missed it too. We were not told about any of this until it was too late. The last band did not show until the gig was almost over. In my honest opinion, that shows a massive lack of respect for the previous performers. And to top it all off, the promoter wasn’t even there at all the entire night. #NO COMMUNICATION

To summarize, Facebook is a convenient social networking tool when used properly. It may be a poor substitute for having actual phone numbers and knowing actual faces. But if you don’t have those things then what else is there to do? The point I am trying to make is: DO NOT TRUST FACEBOOK AS YOUR ONLY NETWORKING SOURCE BECAUSE PEOPLE ARE BASTARDS. Also, people who use FB to aid their business, should communicate better (or get off FB)


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