Potential Local band Copyright Issue?!?!

Copyright is not something a serious musician should over look. Whether intentional or accident, it is a serious issue. The importance of copyrighting your work as a musician is so that another musician does not simply “copy” somebody else’s work and call it their own without giving the original artist credit.

I do not believe that either of these bands has intended steal a song from the other. It could be that neither artist has copyrights to this guitar riff. Maybe they are not aware of the others song similarities; or perhaps they have an agreement to share the guitar riff. Both songs seem to have been released the same year (2015). Even if they tried to solve it legally, it would come down to the month of the release, or whoever sent in a copyright form first.

One would hope that in the spirit of community that nothing too serious would come from this; however, I believe it is my duty to mention it so that people are aware of what could happen if your music is not copyrighted, or at least you are aware of the consequences of stealing another artists work and calling it your own (without giving due credit).

I also want to make it clear that I do not wish to throw either of these bands under the bus, as I have seen them both live and enjoy both of their music. I actually debated with myself whether or not to make a post about this, given the potential uproar this may cause.

The 2 songs in Question are “Aint Your Mama” by Big Red Horse and “Judas” by The Calm.
you can listen to both of the songs in the links below.

Big Red Horse BandCamp page
Big Red Horse FaceBook
The Calm FaceBook page


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