Concert Review: by Curtis Palmer

What is there to do on a Saturday night in Wichita? Attending a show of some local bands of course! Lucky’s Everyday was lucky enough to have three great bands play on August 27 th .Vehicles, Kill Vargas and The Travel Guide. The show started off at 10 P.M. with Vehicles. As the band played each band member seemed to be in their own world while in sync with each other. Their music is something you can listen to while having a house party with friends or rock out to. Though, there was a little mishap with the snare drum towards the end of their set, the band did not let that put them down. The snare was replaced and Vehicles finished their set making way for the next band.

Kill Vargas took the stage and powered through their first song which was played live for the first time that night. Their songs are fast paced and high energy. If you are sitting down when they start, you’ll be standing up before they finish their set. They make you move with their music groove. Kill Vargas is a young band with much potential. Their musical skills are remarkable, something you don’t want to miss.

Finally, The Travel Guide has taken the attention of the audience. They have been gained quite a bit of attention in Wichita being one of the most popular bands around. As The Travel Guide go through their set, they guide you through something you can only experience at a live show. This particular show consisting of mostly new songs. Each song being unique with its own combination of notes from each instrument. Each member is a master of their instrument and they know how to fuse them together to create a sound that you will never forget. A sound that was crafted perfectly.

Vehicles, Kill Vargas and The travel Guide are all bands that are all worth seeing not once, not twice, but multiple times. Everything about the performance of these bands at Lucky’s seemed nearly flawless. You will leave their show wanting more. While you can always buy a CD or even a vinyl record if available, being at one of their shows is something that you will want to experience again and again. Get out there and support your local musicians. You can trade a dream and make it reality.


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