This Ain’t Heaven Recording Concern (TAHRC)

This DIY recording studio est. 2013, has found a unique way to market their music. Although seemingly outdated, buying a cassette tape of music brings me back to a simpler time of music listening. It wasn’t background music to study or play video games. It was the primary focus; the driving force that leads your imagination to where you are lost in the music; being immersed so deeply that the rest of the world fades away and you can find your true self. (What? I really like music, okay? Shaddup!)

Honestly, the first time I saw people selling tapes, I was like “pfff, most people probably don’t even own tape players anymore.” It wasn’t until I was at a gig talking to Filius Sol about his music, that I discovered the truth. I really wanted to support Filius Sol, more importantly I wanted his music to listen to on my iPod. All he had was in tape format. I’d rather have it in tape format then not at all. When I took it home and opened it, that’s when it hit me. Inside each case is a download card from bandcamp. That changes everything!

They are basically selling you a download card with a trinket. The toy that comes with the box of cereal. It really is the best of both worlds. The nostalgia of the past combined with the technology of the present. Bands get to keep the vintage look that is super retro while still compatible.

I’ve noticed that the quality of the recordings vary for each artist. I assume that this is because of:
1. the artists personal preference?
2. a higher cost for better quality recording?
3. sound quality is more dependent upon what is easier to track to a tape?

Some things for TAHRC to consider:
1. Not everybody knows about the download card inside. Making more of an effort to inform the customer will increase sales, as the customer will feel relief in their purchase. This knowledge will ensure that when the bands travel outside of Wichita and sell their tapes, they aren’t dismissed and not taken seriously.
2. Not everybody has a bandcamp account (even tho it is free). It would seem like a minor hassle to a new customer. After convincing the customer that there is, in fact, a download card inside, they would have to set up a bandcamp account first. For those who are unaware, They can download the free app on their phone to set up a free account. Or if you are like me, take it home to your PC and download the music on to your hard drive. Then transfer the files into a iTunes account. From there I can put it on whatever Apple device I want.

The point is that specific knowledge of both of those things is necessary for the purchasing process; otherwise it puts the seller at a disadvantage and makes his job of selling the product a little bit harder than it should be.

Anyways, support local music and buy TAHRC tapes sold at Specktrum Music in Delano. They have a download card inside and are much more practical than they appear. TAHRC has done a lot for the local music scene and if you haven’t checked them out, you REALLY should.

My personal library from TAHRC includes:

Cassette Tapes owned:
Filius Sol: We Were High On Valentines (094)
The World Palestine: Everything Is Subliminal (090)
Old Man Creaky Bones: Sunk Eyes Succor (116)
Bellafonte: Prime Meridian (131)
Francis Moss: Polypores (041)

purchased from
Filius Sol: Blue Demo (076)
Death Black Flowers: Trail Of Your Blood In The Snow (056)
Postboy (057)
Iron Octomoms: Attack of the Granny Trannies (075)
Cricket Wand?


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