Digital Wizardry: Return To Durnin

Frontman Travis Malone has been super cool with my former band Faith In Fools. He asked me to do an album review for him. So here it goes!

Band: Digital Wizardry
Album: Return to Durnin (08.14.2016)
Genre:  Rock / Progressive / Hard Rock
City: Wichita, Ks
Stand Out Track(s): Midnight In Hell  //  Citadel
Seen them live?: yes
Rating: 6/10 pretty good

One of the first bands to show off their recordings from the new recording studio Red Cat Recording.

The band originally released a few of their songs online some time ago. they also had this music video made, which features the now torn down and abandoned Joyland. (the band was a 4 piece then.)

The first thing i’m sure Travis constantly hears from fans is how similar his vocal style is to Coheed and Cambria. It is certainly an unusual vocal combination for local bands in Wichita. That is one of the many reasons why the band stands out.

The track “Midnight In Hell” at 1:57, the guitar uses a nifty tone to emulate a church bell. picking out a minor chord with the heavy undertones, it leaves an eerie feeling. Using Zombies in their video really made me think about Resident Evil. (The remake for Gamecube.) it had very memorable music that added to the game’s intensity in a thematic way. i can picture somebody sitting or pacing alone in a dark church; images of struggle or past problems shadowing over him. the only thing i would change with this song is during the chorus,the vocals were doubled (or layered) and they didnt quite match fully.

“Citadel” was my next standout track. Initially i was going to pick L.O.S.T. because the intro was so interesting that it pulled me in. However, somehow the chorus didn’t meet the hype and intrigue that the intro/verse set up in my mind. perhaps if there was a more prominent lead guitar part with the chorus. the verse had great rhythm guitar. the 2nd half walk down is just gorgeous. all the bass walks seem to be absolutely perfect as well. i cant quite put my finger on it, but the chorus was not as interesting in comparison to an amazing verse.

its hard to explain. I feel that Citadel flowed better from each section of the song.

The intro to Citadel was almost happy and uplifting, but changes drastically in a few seconds. the intro and verse have a vastly different feel. the rest of the songs matches really well. the 2nd interlude (1:35) matched more closely to the feel of the song. Unlike “Midnight In Hell” the vocals harmonize PERFECTLY here.  you can just close your eyes and imagine somebody peascefully falling or sinking further down. …then…(2:00) GODDAMN THAT IS SOME TASTY BASS! the beautiful struggle to survive! The emotional masterpiece. this song shines their progressive side the most. there is no real verse/chorus structure. its more like a string of bridges.


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