Sun & Stone: Elephants Eye

(facebook post from June 4th, 2016)

just bot Sun & Stone’s Elephants Eye from Spektrum Muzik earlier today. I havnt seen them live yet. but after listening i would love to find their next show. So i figured i’d do a quick review of the album.

Band: Sun & Stone
Album: Elephants Eye (2016)
Genre: Psychedelic / Blues / Rock / Progressive / Experimental
City: Wichita, Ks
Stand Out Track(s): Dooms A Daisy / Dagger Doom And Doubt
Seen live: no
Rating: 8/10 Amazing!

something that impresses me about this band is how well they work together. nothing seems to overpwer the rest of the band. each instrument is busy in its own way but its never too much. there is something ive noticed with bands, there is always the conflict of ego. for example: the bass is too loud/busy and takes away from the guitar, or the guitar is constantly trying to overpower the singer ect. but i dont hear any of that at all. yet they all seem to add their own voice. I find myself engulfed and completely lost inside the music. There is so much going on, without being too much.
Their opening track “Dooms A Daisy” has a very Tool-esq vibe to it. but also completely different. The percussion is fantastic. tasty fills, but not to symbol-y. the verse where its mostly drums and bass, but there is a shaker as well. a small but perfect touch. In Daggers Doom And Doubt there is a small chime and Harmonica. (it might be a guitar effect) so subtle, but done so perfectly. but then the whole band sustains for a brief moment with such a vibrant and full sound. bliss. additional tambourine in certain areas.

often times i feel blues can be too repetitive, but this is such a uniquely different spin with a psychedelic sound and Progressive outline, with countless percussion subtleties, It never gets too heavy or fast. they keep a tempo that makes it easy to listen to, but “get-into-it” enough that the songs builds and climaxes.
the artwork is also extremely well done. makes me think of Cowboy Beebop or Trigun (anime) i can listen to the whole album and visualize the artwork telling me a story. like directing a music video in your head.


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